YOPO Offer

  • Book your appointment on SpexMojo & avail YOPO (you only pay for one) offer.
  • Offer includes Premium Kodak lens with following features as standard:
    • 100% UV Protection
    • Blue Light Protection
    • Anti-reflective Coating
  • On International Frames / Brands, the lenses will be worth 0.6 times of the frame value.
    e.g. If frame value is Rs. 10,000, Lens value will be 10000*0.6=Rs 6000.
  • On Sunglasses, the consumer can get prescription lenses added to the frame under YOPO offer.
  • Consumer can upgrade the lens with other additions at the Eye Care Practitioner (ECP) during the time of her/his visit.
  • SpexMojo reserves the right to change or withdraw the offer, any time at the sole discretion of the Management.
  • In accordance with the above T&Cs, kindly refer to the full refund & cancellation policy here.

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